A nice little letter

This is Jonbob0008. I watched your videos, subscribed to your channel on YouTube and read all of your blog. I think you’re doing a wonderful thing and I’ll be sure to check on it for updates.

I did want to respond to a couple of your articles, but I do that another day. You’re obviously an amazing person, and Dad was lucky to have you, even your relationship hadn’t been consanguineous.

I noticed that it’s been a couple weeks since your last update. Hope you update soon.


Thanks very much Jonbob, glad you like my blog so much and I hope you continue to do so. I admit I haven’t done any more youtube stuff in a while, but I will get back around to it as time permits, but most new material is in the form of writing, and some of that, my articles, become my podcast also… so check that out if you want to listen rather than read.

Thanks for the compliments,

Jane Doe