A letter to President Obama

Send to: Barack Obama, White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C.
20500; Ph. ( 202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461

Dear President Obama,

I realize that you are a busy man, and I thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter, as it is important. You may or may not be aware of an ongoing legal case in Clovis, in which a young man, Caleb Petersen, and a woman, Monica Mares, are being charged with incest. The facts as they stand are that they did not meet until Mr .Petersen was a grown man, and that they have been accused of having a sexual relationship.

This case is being pushed forward despite the investigation itself being badly bungled. Neither party were read their rights at the time of their arrest, which should in fact render anything that they have said prior to their rights being read inadmissible in a court of law. Additionally, they were not informed that a no-contact order was in place prior to them showing up in court together, and subsequently being imprisoned for two months for breaking that order.

To make matters all the more confusing, Mr. Petersen is listed as a ‘victim’ and yet he is also being prosecuted for incest. Now, the state cannot possibly want to have it both ways, either they believe he is a victim and drop all charges against him, or he is a co-defendant.

Now, I realize that the subject matter makes the overwhelming majority feel decidedly uncomfortable, but there are a few things that desperately need to be said.

The United States of America is often called the ‘land of the free’, but how free can it be when consenting adults are prosecuted and treated in this appalling manner. Of course, if it is true and they are a couple, people should be free to form their own opinions about that, but they should not be subjected to prosecution for being in an unconventional relationship.

Your Party, the Democrats, have a long history of standing up for the underdogs of society who are unfairly discriminated against because they have been misunderstood. No minority on Earth is less understood than consanguinamorous persons, and the fight for equality has already begun. This issue is not something that is going to go away quietly.

This is an appeal for you to step in on behalf of Mr. Petersen and Ms. Mares, and an appeal for the debate to begin on equal rights for ALL consenting adults, not just some.

Yours Faithfully,