A letter to Monicas defence attorney

Send to: brett carter his address is 920 mitchell street, clovis new mexico 88101 his number is 575-763-8900 

Dear Brett Carter,

As I understand it, you are currently defending Monica Mares, who is being prosecuted for incest. This case is potentially groundbreaking for civil rights and the audience is global. If you were to win it, it would significantly raise your own standing as an attorney.

There are many points which you can argue in their defence which could go a long way towards getting these charges dropped, or getting the case thrown out of court. Some of the evidence should not be admissible in court in the first place on the basis that it was obtained in an unethical manner.

Let me begin with the painfully obvious. These people were NOT read their rights at the time of arrest. Such an omission leaves some persons unaware of their rights, and it can be argued that a young and frightened person may not in fact be aware of those rights without it being spelled out to them, you could argue this on behalf of Mr. Petersen. For this reason, anything said prior to their rights being read must be inadmissible in court. Since the prosecution are relying on the contents of their interview with Mr. Petersen, if that were taken out of the equation on this technicality, then the prosecution have only the weak hearsay evidence to go on, and thus they would in fact have no case.

In addition to this, the courts have treated them with contempt by not informing them that they had a no-contact order and then using that order to imprison them for two months for breaking it, namely when they showed up to court together. I think any reasonable person would argue that it is impossible to follow an instruction that one does not receive, unless in possession of psychic gifts. You have the opportunity to point this out to the court to demonstrate the unfair treatment that they have received.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity the challenge the law itself. Your constitution guarantees sexual autonomy. As consenting adults, EVEN IF THEY DID in fact have a sexual relationship, this case should not be a matter for the court in the first place. Not only are prosecutions such as these a tremendous waste of public resources that could be better spent elsewhere, but they also punish an entire family by removing the breadwinner and primary caregiver, in this case four innocent children will be removed from their mother and their big brother.

I urge you not to waste this chance to save these people from this horrific injustice, and in the process increase your career prospects.

Yours Faithfully,