A letter to Calebs prosecutor

Send to: 9th judicial district attorney ( Andrea Reeb) 417 gidding suite 200 clovis new mexico 88101 (email adress) 9thDA@da.state.nm.us

Dear Andrea Reeb,

It has come to the attention of numerous people around the globe that you are in the process of prosecuting Caleb Petersen for incest. While this may be in line with the law, it is extraordinarily unjust and cruel to all concerned, even unconstitutional. In addition to these most obvious of facts, the investigation itself has a catalog of errors.

In the first instance, it is typical the world over that when a person is arrested for any crime, they must be read their rights at the time of arrest. That did not happen in this case. This is a breach of their legal rights, which renders anything said at the police station inadmissible in court, including Mr. Petersens’ confession.

The second major bungle was that the pair were NOT informed of the no-contact order. So when they showed up together to their next due court date, they were imprisoned for two months with no contact with their families for breaking a rule they were not told was in place. Now, unless they have indicated or demonstrated some form of psychic ability, how were they meant to know about the bail conditions?

In addition to these facts, Mr Petersen is being identified as a victim, and yet is also being prosecuted for the same crime as Ms. Mares. Now, clear logic states that the state cannot possibly have it both ways, either he is a blameless victim, or he is a co-defendant. So according to yourself, which is he?

Furthermore, a law that is unjust should not be enforced, and in fact should be challenged. Sexual autonomy is a human right, and so any adult may consent to sexual contact with any other adult. In effect, by prosecuting consenting adults in this way, you are violating their human rights and treating lovers as criminals.

Also consider how you are spending tax dollars in a time of economic constraint, would not the money spent prosecuting these people be far better utilized elsewhere? The law should serve the people, not persecute them for having unconventional relationships.

Consider also the impact that this prosecution will have on Ms. Mares four other children, your actions punish an entire family including these children.

I am asking today for you to drop these charges against Ms. Mares and Mr. Petersen in the interest of fairness and equality, and if not for those reasons, then for the disgraceful way in which this investigation has been conducted.

Yours faithfully,