A bigot from Australia, with extra homophobia.

Well, like always it’s same old shit different day, on this particular occasion we turn our eyes to an Australian politican. Let’s see what’s been written about this guy:

The Australian has reported that a WA candidate representing Pauline Hanson’s One Nation previously suggested that allowing marriage equality would lead to polygamous marriages and brothers and sisters marrying.

So basically, seeing one harmless minority get equal rights (LGBT people) must necessaily lead to other disenfranchized harmless minorites (poly and consang couples) getting equal rights too. I fail to see why this is a bad thing. Let’s not mince around the implications here, according to this idiot, if you’re not a heterosexual monogamous regular, you don’t deserve equal rights. I think I speak for us all when I call bullshit on that.

The Australian has uncovered what they describe as an “online rant” from the politician where he suggests allowing same sex couples the right to wed will lead to ““multitudinous marriage” and “sibling marriage”.

Again, why would this be problematic? In truth this is an appeal to disgust in disguise, getting possible agreement from his readers by appealing directly to their own prejudices. However I would say that a prejudice like this becomes no more respectable or rational regardless of the number of people holding it.

The candidate also suggested that countries where marriage equality has been legalised such as Canada and New Zealand must think that heterosexuality is abnormal.

Really? I am British, and gay marriage has been allowed for quite some time here, and nobody thinks of heterosexuality as ‘abnormal’ it’s just ‘what most people do’. He really should get out more and see more of the world.

In a post that now has been deleted form his blog Slater allegedly said; “legalising same sex marriage will open the door to compulsory homosexual teachings in homes, schools and churches, thereby confusing children, students and congregations because heterosexuality will not be recognised as normal”.

Teaching children not to be bigots against gay people is important, it’s about teaching them to be decent human beings and to accept peoples differences. It won’t confuse them, or make them gay. Being taught about LGBT people as part of sex ed did my generation no harm. Now, if we could get the law changed, and get not just LGBT, but polyamory and consanguinamory added into the sex ed classroom, then we would have a decent chance of ridding the world of most of this type of prejudice.

Slater told The Australian that he stood by the comments and that he was simply defending the law.

Actually no, this is called backing up a nonsensical bigoted law with more bigotry. Hopefully the Australian people will reject these comments for the bigoted nonsense they are.

As usual, the bigot never does answer WHY he thinks that LGBT rights leading to poly and consang rights is a bad thing. Perhaps he has no answer other than his personal disgust, but surely such disgust should be left at the door of parliament when it comes to allowing other people to have their human rights. In fact, I believe that failing to do so is nothing short of emotional and intellectual immaturity. When I read this, my first thought was ‘what an idiot’.