8th Mar 2015

“Woman in Incest Case now in Jail”

The unfortunate saga continues:

A woman accused of having an illegal sexual relationship with her father is in custody after an arrest warrant was issued last week. Chalena Mae Moody, 25, had not appeared for her scheduled court date on Feb. 25 to face a felony charge of incest, after it was discovered by Springfield police late last year that she and her father had been involved in a relationship that resulted in two children.

The couple previously lived in Springfield but moved to Klamath Falls last year. Moody was booked into the Lane County Jail just after 3 p.m. Wednesday on the incest charge. She also was booked on two Lincoln County warrants alleging harassment and reckless endangerment. It was unclear whether Moody turned herself in Wednesday or was caught by police.

Meanwhile, Moody’s father, Eric Gates, 49, on Monday was sentenced to six months in jail for ignoring a Lane County Circuit Court judge’s previous order to avoid all contact with Moody. Gates, who pleaded guilty to incest, was initially sentenced to probation but was discovered last month by his probation officer to be living with Moody.
I agree that it’s unfortunate the children have some developmental problems, but how can further complicating their lives, and denying them a household with their own two parents, actually be the best thing for them?
Even if a democratic state did have a legitimate interest in controlling people’s reproduction, the father’s come forward with his willingness to get a vasectomy. The only problem is clearly that the judge does not want them having sex or even living with each other. What kind of unjustified prurience is that?
What a disgrace. Just give them back their children, let him get his vasectomy, and let them be. There’s no legitimate reason for any other course of action.