5th Apr 2015

This really sums it up

On a recent episode of SciShow about gender, Hank Green made a really important point:

Science is not necessarily necessary in this situation, because I feel like sometimes, if you feel a way, and you want to live your life a way, science doesn’t need to be a part of that, but there is, I think, some affirmation and some freedom in knowing that nature is complicated, and that all these things can actually be reflected in our scientific understanding of gender, and sex, and sexuality.

I think this idea applies generally. Everybody is so obsessed with “naturalness”, but why does it even matter? We’re diverse and live in an artificial environment. What should matter in people’s life choices is whether those choices are good for them and those around them, if they can be most fulfilled by living that way. I think individuals are in a better position to determine what is most fulfilling for themselves, not institutions. Our norms and institutions should be to help people exist well together and live fulfilling lives, not to destroy people.