4th Feb 2015

“A Different Look at Modern Polygamy”

This is why they’re my favorite polygamists in the public eye. They’re so liberal and secular that at this point they’re practically polyamorous. But god, it seems like so much work! I’m breaking into a nervous sweat just watching them.



“Polyamorous Family Raising 11 Year-Old Girl”

It’s always nice to see polyamorous families with kids. I have yet to see a polyamorous family that is bad for its kids. Everything that defines a polyamorous family – multiple adults present, honesty, communication, resilience of key relationships, etc. – are good things for a kid to have in their life. Certainly, most kids of polyamorous families won’t have to deal with divorce the way modern kids of monogamists do all the time. Maybe this is my inner conservatism, but one of the things I love most about polyamory and polygamy is the increased support network for children. Big, communal households are the way most humans have lived before industrialization, and they’re very good for us.



The wives from “My Five Wives” discuss why they’ve remained polygamous

The Williams, from “My Five Wives”, discuss why they all chose to maarry, even after leaving the Fundamentalist Mormon Church.



Interviews about polyamory

Even more pieces on poly* people. This seems to be quite the trend these days. It’s nice to see real people in the media.