3rd Feb 2015

Show: “Candy Boy”

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is the relationship between the queer community and the consanguinamorous. The overlap between the queer community and the consanguinamorous isn’t going to be very large. Both parties would have to be the same sex, and have same-sex attractions, and find that other particular person appealing in spite of social taboo and (sometimes) the Westermark Effect. Then there’s the fact that consanguinamorous heterosexuals get caught more, because they’re the ones having their own biological children.

What I’m getting at here is that I think there’s too little visibility for same-sex, consanguinamorous relationships in popular culture, especially healthy ones. Opposite-sex couples are usually depicted as mentally ill or dysfunctional, but the average depiction skews much worse for same-sex couples. I also think that heterosexuals interested in or accepting of consanguinamory tend to be more visible online.

So with that, I’m going to try to find media and accounts that deal specifically with queer consanguinamory in a positive way. My first entry is “Candy Boy”, a Japanese animatedslice-of-life miniseries that focuses on the romantic relationship between twin sisters attending art school in Tokyo, and the enamored freshman girl that stalks/befriends them. It shows a very open, loving, normal and normalized relationship. That’s rare, even in Japanese media. (As a heads up, slice-of-life series are about the pleasure and drama inherent in little everyday moments. If the idea of watching two girls go shopping together and talking about their childhood bores you, then the whole show will.)

This is the first extra episode (a prequel episode). The full miniseries can be found here (日本語のアニメ). (The credits don’t regularly come at the end of each episode, sometimes they’re in the middle, so don’t stop watching until you’re sure an episode is over, because there’s probably more.)