28th Mar 2015

“Woman admits to becoming pregnant by her brother after being threatened with a machete”

Another case of oppression from Nigeria:

A young woman confessed that she was in love with her brother and that she is carrying his baby. 24-year-old Akpan and 25-year-old Ime, who are siblings, went a little too far by having unprotected sex with each other, police in Nigeria said. The incident occurred in Ajegunle State, where the family lives. During the day, the two were usually home alone as their parents and other siblings went out to work on the farm.

When Ime’s mother suspected that she was pregnant, she asked her daughter to identify the father of the unborn child, but she refused. Last Friday, at 4:00 a.m., the father woke up his wife and two children, and began talking about Ime’s pregnancy. Suddenly, the father pulled out a machete and threatened to cut his daughter if she did not tell him who the father of the child is. Fearing for her life, Ime admitted to being in love with her brother, and that they regularly have sex.

Police were notified, and the two were arrested and charged with incest.


Film: “How I Live Now”

My blog doesn’t usually focus on cousin couples, but I can’t help but recommend this movie.

It’s from the same director and the same writer who did “The Last King of Scotland”. It’s about an OCD American girl sent off by her father to live with her aunt and cousins in England. She falls in love with her oldest cousin… and then a nuclear bomb goes off.

It’s like a teen romance version of “The Road”. I have never seen a movie which makes England look as beautiful as this movie does. I really, really like this movie.

Bonus: it’s on Netflix!