27th Sept 2015

One stigma versus another

I never expected to read an article like this:

The Kray twins, who were notoriously violent gang leaders in the East End of London in the 1960s, spoke extensively to author John Pearson. The author spoke as the film ‘Legend’ starring Tom Hardy as both twins is released. Speaking to the Mirror, Pearson said Ronnie Kray was gay and that Reggie Kray was bisexual. He said they had a sexual relationship because they could not be open about their sexualities.

Pearson said in a book about the twins: “Homosexuality was nothing to be proud of in the East End. But as they became more notorious, Ronnie became quite shameless about it. According to Ron in the early days they had sex with each other because they were terrified about people finding out.”

Pearson has written three books on the subject of the infamous twins, and claims that Ronnie told him about the relationship during one of many interviews. He says he waited until both twins were dead to reveal it, for fear of retribution.

Pearson wrote: “It was hardly surprising that, for the time being, both the twins kept their sexual preferences to themselves. According to Ron, for quite a while they were so concerned to keep their secret hidden that the only sex they had was with each other.”

I wonder how much things like this actually happened? I don’t imagine they could have gone through with it for so long if they were disgusted by it.