20th May 2015

“How Polyamory Became More Mainstream than Peanut Butter”

“Polyamory in the News” recently published a post about the polyamorous activist and blogger Cunning Minx and her recent lecture on polyamory becoming mainstream.

When the histories are written of how the polyamory movement sprouted and grew and changed the world’s assumptions about relationships — as I think is becoming inevitable — the list of people in our time who made it happen will certainly include Cunning Minx, the indefatigable creator of thePolyamory Weekly podcast. She’s been hard at it for ten years this spring. She is not only entertaining and a fine listen, she’s smart, forthright, and an exemplar of our best attitudes and values. In recent years she’s branched out into giving seminars and classes, and last year she published perhaps the best short book for poly newbies: Eight Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory Before I Tried It and Frakked It Up. Last weekend she gave the keynote talk at Loving More’s Rocky Mountain Poly Living conference in Denver. She spoke on the movement’s history and future. I wished I was there, and maybe you did too.