A new work of fiction

Well guys, on a very positive note, I have been contacted by an author who has written a story about half-siblings who originally thought that they were cousins and then found out otherwise. The story is set in an American state where incest is punishable by life imprisonment even if the participants are consenting adults.

If you’re interested in supporting this author and reading her work, CLICK HERE to purchase 🙂 If you do read, don’t forget to leave a review for her on the above link!


4 thoughts on “A new work of fiction

  1. This is so great! I hope she gets lots of sales. Representation in fiction is really important, not just for real marginalized populations but also for the advancement of fiction itself as an art form.


    1. As the author of Forbidden: Our Secret Love, I would like to receive some input from consangs about my book, and perhaps some reviews on Amazon to counterbalance the negative comments I’m getting from incestophobes. Thank you so much!

      Susan Deonier (writing as Elise Quinn Larson)


      1. I am not in a consang relationship myself, however I am also someone who wants to write these themes in my fiction, though I am still in beginner/planning/research and learning stages. I support people like you 100% in your writing. I admire writers like you. So sorry to hear you’re getting some judgement. Stay strong and keep focused on your art. You have every right to explore what you want in your art as well as to challenge your mind/intellect and grow in consciousness as a person.

        I haven’t read any consanguinamory-centric books yet but I have a list and I will definitely add your book to the list and recommend to others as well. Keep up the persistence and keep your independence of expression no matter what anyone says. Those ppl are weak minds and they can’t stop artists from exploring their imagination to the fullest. ❤ Backwards thinking has expiry dates but forward thinking will always continue to shape the world for the better.



      2. Rain,

        Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really needed that today, after one of my friends told me she liked the book but was disturbed by a love story involving half-siblings. Her comment was pretty mild compared to some I’ve received!



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