Welcome to the Library

You may notice something new on my website today, I’ve just added a menu item called The Library at the top of the site. Currently it has one submission from somebody I’ve been chatting to by e-mail for the last few weeks, but this Library is intended for the whole community, so don’t be shy if you wish to contribute.

Library Submissions may be either non-fiction, original fiction or fanfiction. The works may either be free or paid for, and I’ll specify which in the listings. So if you’re a talented writer who wants to earn from your stories, I don’t mind you charging for your work, and I won’t charge you for having your work listed. For obvious legal reasons, all fanfiction stories must be free of charge.

Now, another word on stories, whether original fiction or fanfiction. I will accept submissions which contain erotic or sexual content, however, I will not accept PWPs (porn without plot), or any material depicting underage characters in sexual situations. Such things go against the ethos of this site and the community as a whole, and we must set some reasonable standards whilst allowing free expression.

All that said, enjoy the Library 🙂


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Library

  1. Interesting Jane, But do you really think that is wise for this new item. I mean don’t you think that it will draw the wrong crowed? People who will simply come to your site simply to read and get off on the stories of Family lovers. People who have no interest in our cause or our lifestyle but are simply looking for dirty stories. My mother and I are very concerned that your site will draw unwanted traffic of the real perverts. Please Jane reconsider what you are doing. Your site may be linked to the more pornographic sites thus making the cause very weak and with little credibility.


    1. This is the very reason I won’t be allowing PWPs, because that is what the fetish people would want. There is a massive difference between a novel length romance story with the odd sex scene, and a PWP. I’ll accept the former and deny the latter. I just wanted to give people a creative outlet. Your concerns are noted, and if that does happen then the stories would all have to be moved to one of the private forums on KS. I don’t think we’ll have much of an issue though because the people we worry about so much are more likely to be reading literotica or r/incest.


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