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Here’s another one for your bookmarks folks, say Hello to Keke and her brand new blog Starcrossed. As always keep an eye on this one for new content, as right now it’s still under construction. Welcome to the team Keke and we all wish you success with your new blog. I’ve added this to ‘useful links’ as well to make it easier for people to find again if they forget to bookmark.


5 thoughts on “Starcrossed Blog

      1. Hey Jane,
        Got a question, Why is it that when a guy in really love with his mother he gets accused of having “Mommy ” Issues or if a girl is in really love with her father she gets accused of having “Daddy” Issues. Gee can’t anyone just be in love without having some sort of complex? I hear that statement so often that I have the Odiphus Complex (sorry I can’t spell Greek) my father was not some horrible person that I developed a hatred for him. That is not the reason that I fell in love with my mother. And what is it the people who have the freak out over a consang having a child even though your children are healthy and “normal?”


      2. I think that has to do with the underlying assumption that there has to be something mentally wrong with a person for them to be attracted to one of their parents. Sadly this myth still persists and so they will grasp at straws to deny the blantantly obvious, that love is love and that it can and does exist in a healthy way between adult relatives. As for the mutant babies myth, I think that because there are increased risks that they use this as an excuse to deny our people our rights. However, it hold no water whatsoever because those same armchair eugenicists would never arge to deny other higher risk groups their rights, and furthermore, that argument does not make any sense for homosexual incest where a pregnancy is obviously impossible, or for incest where the woman is post menopausal, or when one or both parties is infertile. It also ignores the existence of easy access to safe and reliable contraceptives, and likely plays into the ridiculous notion that sex is only for reproduction, despite the fact that most people no longer seriously entertain that idea. I would say that most people probably aren’t aware that most consang couples produce healthy children, and that is down to media bias and general lack of education on the subject.


  1. keke, i want to wellcome your blog ! nice and with original design. soon i will put a link to that in mine.

    fox, he is called Oedipus. it is rather a composite adjective than a name . oedi – pus, the one wth the swollen foot. his foot became swollen because his parents tied him and left him in the forrest to die. the delphic oracle said that if they ever beget a son he will kill his father and will marry his mother.


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