An Open Letter to Daniel and Santana Mexican, from Cristina Shy

Dear Daniel and Santana,

My friend, colleague, and fellow activist Cristina Shy has written a letter here for you. We’re aware of the outrageous prosecution you’re facing and Cristina may be able to help you. I would strongly advise you to get in touch with her as and when you see this message from her:

Dear Daniel and Santana,

I am a Legal Secretary and advocate for the rights of consenting adults to share love, sex, residence and marriage with any and all consenting adults.

I have been following your story on the internet closely and I think it is absolutely awful that the Federal government is prosecuting you both. You are both consenting adults and the government has absolutely no business in your bedroom.

Due to the oppressive laws that you both are forced to live and love under, I feel deeply for you and your situation.

If you are reading this, please know that you have a friend, ally, and advocate in me. I want to help you in any way I can. I would welcome contact and would do whatever I could to help you.

Please check out my website

If you want to contact me completely confidentially, please email me at

Kind Regards to you both, Cristina Shy

As for me, I will continue to follow your case closely and will help in any capacity I am able to from my location in the UK.

I know things are difficult for you right now, but please at least realize that there is support for you out there, and that you did nothing wrong and that this prosecution is outrageous. It’s the state that is in the wrong and that is what our community is hoping to fix in the long term.


Jane Doe


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Daniel and Santana Mexican, from Cristina Shy

  1. With a last name as Mexican, I am sure POTUS Trump is pushing their prosecution. There is no ryhme or reason for the federal government to be involved. SHAME ON UOU POTUS TRUMP!!


    1. Having the last name “Mexican” does not automatically make them Mexican or illegal aliens! This situation has nothing to do with Trump and happened before he was even president. To equate the two is ignorant on your part.


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