Friends of Lily Design and downloadable pdfs

The Friends of Lily Design was created by our friend Cristina Shy, over at the Lilysgardener website. It was so named as a nod to the main character in the Forbidden Flower romance novels who was involved with her brother, and the stories were written by Diane Rinella. The logo was inspired by a poem by Keith Pullman over at the Full Marriage Equality website.

“Sealed with blood, a love that’s doubled A red-hot bond, but lovers troubled A garden of lilies, a crimson flower A stalk of purple, of royals and power.

Leaves of green, for assurance enduring Mysterious rarity, attraction alluring Courage to challenge taboos on affection The forbidden reinforced by prejudiced rejection.

Hidden and shrouded in shadows of black Pain and pleasure, withstanding attack Lovers entwined with soulmate sensations Family and friends, more intense in relations.” ~Keith at Full Marriage Equality

So the Friends of Lily Symbol has the following meaning with the colours:

Red – Representing the blood that binds us together in this rare opportunity of “double love”.

Green – Has an emotional correspondence with safety, used in relation to the safety of being with family. It also represents endurance, as our relationships must endure so much discrimination and hate from those people that can’t or won’t understand.

Purple- Represents the mystery and magic of our relationships and is a rare color in nature. We are the rare few in this world who were presented with this opportunity of “double love” and we are rarer still as we are the few who had the courage to seize this most opportunity.

Black- Represents the mystery our relationships are shrouded in due to the oppressive laws we must live and love under.

The circle represents the circle of the family, lover, best friend, and soul mate. The circle is our relationships come full circle.

Now, I had a request recently from a Kindred Spirits member who wanted an A4 sized PDF of the logo. Since such a request is likely to crop up again at some point in the future, I decided to make several PDF files with the logo in a variety of sizes, the largest of which is full sized A4, and the smallest of which is a sheet of 45 tiny copies of the logo on a B4 sheet. I did make, but was unable to upload an A3 size copy, but the file is above the 1MB upload limit on image file sizes. If anybody needs the logo this large, please let me know by e-mail at and I can send it to you as an attachment. Below you will find the links to the pdf files I have created today, to download them right click and choose ‘save link as’, to just view them just click:









8 thoughts on “Friends of Lily Design and downloadable pdfs

  1. My very pretty mother and I have been in a consang relationship for many years. We are very much in love, and would love to marry. We live as husband and Wife we have four healthy children. who we love so much even though we live in a state where laws are lax. We still have to live in secret. and we would love to tell the world. If you can’t help who you fall in love with then I can’t help it hat I fell in love with my mother.


    1. Welcome Fox 🙂 I think many of us would like to ‘come out’ as it were but are afraid to because of these insane laws. In truth nobody can help who they fall in love with and it’s really sad that people get persecuted over it or forced to stay silent. It sounds like you and your mother have built a good life with each other and have a wonderful loving relationship. You should be allowed to marry in my opinion, and one day we will get those rights in place for everyone. That’s part of the reason my blog exists, to show people that consang people are just normal people and deserve same rights as everyone else. It’s the same battle that LGBT people had to fight and it took them 50 years. I am hoping it does not take so long for our people.

      If you’re at all interested in speaking to more consang people, I also help to run a forum on the subject. Most of the forums are hidden from the public for obvious reasons so it’s a secure safe space for us.

      All you’d have to do is sign up and then post a short introduction in the introductions forum so we can upgrade your account and allow you access to the other forums. This never takes longer than a day because I check in at least once a day and the other main admins are on and off almost as regularly.

      In any case, thanks for your post and I look forward to hearing from you again 🙂



      1. Hey Jane I tried signing up for your forum but for some reason it kept saying my username and password was not valid. Also please try not to be so hard on people with a fetish my best friend Joe, has one and he knows all about me and my mother. He’s never asked for pictures or to watch. his fetish comes from that he doesn’t have a sister, and his mother was a witch with a capital “B” otherwise he’d be one of us. He is a very big supporter of Consang People. And the Last thing my mother and I have built a wonderful life together and a very loving relationship. The very few people who do know about us mom told them that I’m a better husband and father them my father ever was.

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  2. Ever notice how non-consang people think about incest I’m talking about when Angelina Jolie was photographed kissing her brother. when you see that picture it looks very much like there in incest going on. but when you see the video the kiss was nothing just a quick peck on the lips. the same kind of kiss that any woman would give a man that she has no romantic feelings for. and everyone made something of it. It’s like if you think incest is gross and disgusting then why are you accusing people of doing it what you go looking for it everywhere. It sounds to me like the real pervert is not the consang community its the ones who think that Anna Nicole Smith was having sex with her son and that her new born baby belonged to him and not her boyfriend. That never even crossed my mind so why did people say it? I think that they would love to be able to do it but only think about it because its how the get off it must be much safer then knowing that you couldn’t score with a relative because family tends to know you better as a real loser!

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    1. Problem is that people love to gossip, and I think it’s a case of the more controversial the subject the ‘better’ that gossip is to them, and there are few things as controversial as incest. Therefore they read into things what isn’t actually there. Some of them might be so far in the closet that they’ve reached Narnia, however I don’t think that’s always the case… unfortunately gossip appears to be a part of human nature that isn’t going away any time soon.


  3. Hey Jane I’m having a little trouble registering with your forum it seems that I don’t receive an e-mail confermation. The freaks with the fetishes are the real perverts, My best friend Joe has a fetish but he is not a jerk about it. He has never asked me about personal things and he’s never asked for videos so he can watch. He is not able to be in a relationship with a relative because he doesn’t have a sister. and His mother is a total witch with a capital “B” and his aunts are all very old. he says if he had a sister or a loving mother or a young aunt. he would be able to find true love and not worry about the constant rejection he gets from women. and yes my mother and I have indeed built a good life and a very loving relationship. when we felt that we could trust Joe with our secret. Mom told him that I’m a much better husband and father the my father ever was. Needless to say she is a great wife. and a wonderful mother not just to me but to our children. And having such a terrific mother why in the world wouldn’t I want her to be the mother of my children.

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    1. Have you checked you spam folder? Sometimes when people register to a forum they find that their confirmation e-mail has ended up there. Your username and password should be valid once you’ve confirmed your e-mail.

      It’s not ALL fetish people I have a problem with, per se, it’s those who post blatantly obvious bullshit on places like Reddit and expect us to believe it, or those who do pester people for pics and the like… those are the people I have a problem with because they give us a bad image (because regulars can’t distinguish between consang people and fetish people, they see that rubbish and think all consangs are like that when that’s far from true) and annoy the hell out of genuine consang people. I dealt with a lot of them back in the day before this proper community existed, back then there was only forums attached to porn sites, and of course it attracted the wrong crowd. I got asked for pics of me and my dad so many times, and I just used to ask them all the same question: who did they suppose would be holding the camera? This usually shut them up. You’re right that it’s the freaks who cause problems, some people have a fetish and are reasonable about it, but the ones I have been lambasting on my blog are the worst kind.


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