Trolls and Fakers, Questions and Answers.

Sadly, there have been a spate of individuals recently who have trolled people on mine and my friend Keiths friends list over at facebook. To prevent this from occurring again we have blocked those accounts AND made our friends list private to all but the top level activists in the community. It’s rather sad that we’ve had to do this, but it has been necessary to protect the privacy of the people on those lists.

Now, that’s all well and good, but this article is to tell you some information about trolls in general, it will enable you to spot them and give you some tips on how to deal with them. I’m also covering those trolls who use fake ‘incest stories’ in order to try and make us believe that they’re one of us. I have many years experience of dealing with these types within discussion forums about incest going back to ’02.

What is a troll?

A troll is an individual who disrupts the normal functioning of an online social group.

What kind of things do trolls do to cause disruption?

Many many things, and some trolls can be very creative in their methods. He or she may do any of the following:

  1. Sign up with multiple accounts and pretend to be several people
  2. Become argumentative or abusive for no good reason and very little provocation
  3. Pretend to be one of us when they are clearly not
  4. Flood a forum or social space with spam or other unwanted messages
  5. Perform witch hunts
  6. Tell outrageous lies
  7. Send unsolicited PMs or friend requests to multiple people on the basis that they might be a member of our minority.
  8. Asking multiple people for details about their personal life out of the blue, especially if this is a newcomer.

This isn’t an exclusive list by any means, but these are the most common methods employed for the purposes of disruption and causing upset and worry.

Why do people troll?

Generally, trolls are attention junkies. It doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative, as long as it generates a lot of conversation. Taking about the troll within earshot/eyeshot of the troll is usually considered attention as much as direct communication with him or her.

Others may revenge troll after having a heated argument and bombard a person or group with abuse.

If I encounter a troll, what should I do?

Completely ignore him or her. On facebook this is easy, you can block the person. On a forum setting do not respond to any of the trolls postings, PMs or conversations about the troll, as this will encourage further activity. Instead PM one of us admins and let us know if there is a possible problem. We will then take any appropriate action, which could include IP level banning repeat offenders to prevent them from returning to cause further disruption.

What is a faker?

Somebody who blatantly pretends to be in an incestuous relationship, but clearly isn’t.

I’ve seen somebody post some weird shit, I don’t even know if this could be real. How can I tell if something is real or fake?

Generally, the fake incest stories are easy to spot to the trained eye. If a story is fake, it will usually contain some of the following elements:

  1. Everyone has sex with everyone else.
  2. How they got together sounds like an ill thought out porn script, such as stealing underwear, spying on family members getting changed, family members walking in on each other masturbating…etc. As we all know, no relationship starts like this, incestuous or otherwise.
  3. The troll tells one person one thing and another person another thing…. or makes one post and then another which contradicts the original post. Details like the ages of the participants or who is related to who in what way may be variable.
  4. The focus is on the sex, not the relationship
  5. The person is behaving in a way which is highly abnormal, such as openly declaring that he or she is in an incest relationship on a public place like their facebook profile page while using a real sounding name, or an actual real name. We remain hidden with good reason, nobody for real would actually do this.
  6. Some aspects of the relationship sound iffy and unlikely. We know what is normal for us, if it sounds abnormal, it is probably fake, especially if there are other indications of fakery.
  7. They respond with extreme anger and abuse if anyone accuses them of being fake, and may use any sock puppets to back up their claims of being for real.

Again, these are just some of the general indicators, there are many many more variations on the theme but you get the idea. If it sounds fake to you, then it probably is.

Why would somebody fake it?

Usually this is done by people with an incest fetish who wonder what it might be like and then they let their imagination run wild. Of course, their lurid imaginings which are mostly inspired by the tirade of incest porn, are nothing like the reality of actually being in an incestuous relationship, which is why their stories are so inaccurate most of the time.

Most of the time I’d wager that they actually believe that their imagination has concocted a believable story, and that they get off by trying to fool everybody. Some of them may even be fascinated by us, but won’t admit to not having experience and so they invent some. Quite sad really.

How should I respond to a faker?

In exactly the same way as to a general troll, ignore him or her and report it to the admins. People like this get very bored if nobody is willing to talk, and thus they go elsewhere where there are richer pickings to be had. Again, if this occurs on social media, it’s best just to block the person and then you won’t have to see or worry about it any more.

Conclusion: It’s best to avoid contact with trolls and fakers, they aren’t worth your time and energy and it only encourages further trolling.

My message to any would-be trolls: Don’t bother, we’ve seen it all before and we will ban you.


15 thoughts on “Trolls and Fakers, Questions and Answers.

  1. Family members accidentally running into each other naked is actually one of the primary real ways consanguinamorous relations start, my research has shown. There once was a website called incesttaboo, which posted a series of interviews with family members explaining how their physical love came into the picture. These were real practitioners, you can tell because of their genuine features resemblance as all blood relatives have. Sometimes it starts in a planned, openly communicated way, but nude accidents are also a vehicle for curiosity and subsequent experimentation. The real records show, about half Consanguinamors couples start out as pure accidental curiosity. Don’t take it as a porn script, it’a human nature to follow ones own curiosity….


    1. I have to disagree here I’m afraid. I’m familiar with incesttaboo, which was basically a porn forum which people paid to be a member of. I never signed up to that one myself, but from what I understand it was very much like the free sites that were about in that era, like incestquest, incestboard and actualincest. While some real people were on such sites, the overwhelming majority were fetishists. I know this because the majority of real people I spoke to on each of those three sites were actually pretty sick and tired of the porn because it didn’t represent us.

      Furthermore, if you thought that stuff you saw was real, you’ve been seriously misguided. Nobody who is involved with incest for real is going to post pictures of it on the Internet. As far as law enforcement is concerned, such pictures are EVIDENCE. Who exactly would be holding the camera? Did you ever think about that, really? No, those people were NOT for real, they were ACTORS, chosen for their similar looks.

      I agree that some consang relationships begin as a curiosity thing, especially between similarly aged siblings who may experiment, but this is way different than people seeing each other naked and just wanting to bang each other as is portrayed by the porn industry. Such porn is an insult to anyones intelligence.

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      1. Ms Doe,

        Please see the photos I just leaked of identical twins and nude family portraits. You’LOL see the truth in them, and the Truth will set you Free.

        Peace be with you, and blood related sexual bonds for one and all, shall be decriminalized through this unmistakable, exhaustive photographic evidence, shown now for the first time publicly for free and open consumption and analysis.

        Long live free speech and free information exchange.


        Porn link deleted

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  2. If you agree with me (or even disagree, that’s fine too) I have started to post my research on the consanguinity subject at . I am a survivor who was manipulated as a young age to participate in daily household nudity. Kids know better that we give them credit for, and particularly they can tell when they’re not told the truth. I could tell that my parents were never upfront about their fetish and talked about it behind my back. As with all physical relationships, trust and willingness is paramount, or it falls into the column of El Creepo and not a true Consanguinamorous bond…


    1. I’m sorry you had to go through that, that is clearly not normal, and is obviously not the kind of incest I am advocating on this site. My work is focused strictly on incest between fully competent consenting adults and is free from coercion or unhealthy influences.

      I’ve taken a look at your website, but I will not be linking to it because of all the porn. My site is a serious site and is intended as a complete break away from porn so that people can discuss things seriously without such things being present.This isn’t meant to be offensive to you in any way, just that your site isn’t the sort of resources I am looking for.


      1. “I may not quite agree with you, but you still have the right to legal defense and I will personally defend you, till the day I die.”


        In that case Ms Doe, My name is Carlos A Rodriguez of Aptos, CA and I have spent my entire life of 32 years within Santa Cruz County. My father, Gonzalo Rodriguez, is an actual pedophile formerly a Sheriff of the UCSC police dept, retired in 1999 from there, and is NOW a bus driver for rich adolescent girls via Monte Vista Christian School. It costs over $10,000 per SEMESTER to send a child to my dad’a school. My dad receives GIFTS from hundreds of these girls of HIGH monetary value EVERY Christmas. He claims to be an upstanding Christian and yet his chosen path in life involves hundreds of filthy rich adolescent bodies, who are preached and catechized into the Secret religion of Catholicism, during their regular mandatory curriculums. My father PERSONALLY arranged me to be locked up in PRISON for 5 days, on a $25k bail, for a misdemeanor of TRESSPASSING, on my Alma Mater CABRILLO COLLEGE where I received a $1,000 Smith Dobson Memorial Scholarship to attend in 2003, where I also labored as a Pianist for over 6 years, because at that time, I lived in POVERTY and could not afford basic tuition to go to COMMUNITY COLLEGE. The entire music faculty still regognizes my face and first name because of my amazing, Mozart-Esque story of being the only Autisic Savant to ever be a product of this educational facility.

        And because of my biological DAD. Who pre-arranged my arrest with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff Dept and the UCSC Police Dept and the jurisdiction of the CITY OF SANTA CRUZ, I now have been given an official legal RESTRAINING ORDER to NEVER return to my old workplace ever again, for threat of jail time. My crime? I ventured there for a single, pre-arranged purpose: to deliver a single BOOK to my former piano teacher, Fred Squatrito’s, book depository folder outside his office. I came home 3 weeks later after being locked away in a MENTAL INSTITUTION in FREMONT CA on a 5250 Police Hold during which I was injected against my will, while in my shower, at least 10 times with Attivan and Benadryl and forced to take medications for PSYCHOSIS. I refused these medications because that is my constitutional right and I explained each instance that I am Autisic, not Psychotic with Bipolar 1, and I have never required or been recommended medication for this disability during the course of my 32 year old life.

        I have been conducting the world’a FIRST large scale scientific study on consensual incest for over 10 years now. The porn you saw are REAL images taken in real households amongst real practitioners of consensual adult incest, and I can prove this beyond REASONABLE DOUBT that all the images you see are legitimately incestual couples and NOT ACTORS. Contd. 1/2


  3. Cont’d 2/2

    The “Porn” you see on my site is in fact home-made porn, taken with the relevant incestuous households, for the purposes of showing the PREVALENCE and POSITIVE, HEALTHY IMPACT that safely practiced CONSANGUINAMOROUS sex can have on consenting adults and this is a STRONG AND HEALTHY family bond that stays with them FOR LIFE. I have personally dated A consanguinamorous girl of 16, for a year, who told me her story and that she preferred to continue to be exclusive with her BIOLOGICAL FATHER and refused every single sexual advance I attempted to make during the time we “dated” at Aptos High School. This situation sincerely made me curious that maybe it was possible for a girl of 16 to have a loving relationship and regular sexual intercourse with her biological father, and maybe that was none of my business as long as she didn’t have children with her dad.

    Incidentally she now has 3 young boys by her Husband (who happens to be a childhood friend of mine and who I still maintain a sincere, semi close relarionship with. I was invited and did attend their low-key wedding at their own residence) and they now live happily approx. 15 miles from the Incestuous House she was brought up in.

    Still disagree with me? That’a fine. I will make a SECOND consanguinamorous-centered site that will function strictly as distribution center for e-books and audio tapes on this subject.

    I will transcribe your works, Ms Doe, into every language and distribute them all through this URL:

    I will write and distribute my own e-book to reiterate your story and I will create print copies to distribute amongst community centers and other public forums within Santa Cruz County.

    I will edit the Incest topic on Wikipedia (where I have had an editors account for over 10 years and I am a donor to the Wikimedia Foundation) To link directly to This Blog at each footnote which describes a positive description of consensual family sexual practice of consenting adults.

    Please contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

    Thanks for your time, story, and courage to tell it.

    Your Defender and Agent in Santa Cruz County,
    Carlos A Rodriguez.

    Oct 17 2016 4:55am PDT.


    1. ‘I will transcribe your works, Ms Doe, into every language and distribute them all through this URL:

      I will write and distribute my own e-book to reiterate your story and I will create print copies to distribute amongst community centers and other public forums within Santa Cruz County.’

      1. You should ask her permission before you do this.
      2. Judging from what you wrote you are definitely at the wrong place here.

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      1. You have no right to judge. I’m a survivor of forced incest and I am dedicated to educating people that incest != abuse, incest is not a crime, RAPE is a life sentence whether it be sanguine or otherwise. I have reached the exact same conclusions as Ms Doe in my research, just via a different pathway. I was ripped off by actual incest dot com, I payed the $50 membership fee and my membership was immediately canceled. At that time the site was a target of the FBI, which forced the owners to out of business. Since I could not buy a membership, I forced my way in by hacking the entire website. WHEN I DID I found things I could not believe — massive amounts of TWIN PORN of actual identical twins (clones of one another) engaging in all types of sex, and smiling voraciously through the hundreds upon thousands of photos. It’s probable that they are twins and not actors. These photos were hidden from public view by the site admins — every porn site has a hidden “back room”. What I saw was shocking, including smiling 14-16 year olds engaging in tender and relaxed intercourse wirh their mothers and fathers, often with both present in the room. Child porn was specifically forbidden by he site TOS, and yet child porn had been posted there for years and gone unreported.

        The fascinating thing is, in every single case, the sex is unprotected, girls are often placed in a position of power (cowgirl, oral, 69 or standing up) and in all cases, the young adults appear “in charge” and are smiling and clearly enjoying themselves. There are exactly zero pictures of ANY type of abuse, period, amongst the 82 gigabytes of files. In many cases the videos include extended interviews with the families and the pleasures and bonds that consanguine unions bring amongst them. In some cases, the women were proudly expecting children, and still participating in one way or another in the photo shoots.

        I have watched a good deal of commercial porn, and in such films, a fake bedroom is used as a set, the girls wear full body makeup, rarely smile or enjoy themselves, the audio is often faked and dubbed, and large professional glamor lighting rigs are used, none of which manifest in the photos I leaked.

        The message contained in actual incest’s “back room” isn’t one of smut, it’s one of harmless, fun-spirited, proud, spunky parents and children enjoying themselves in the privacy of their homes, filmed by themselves and distributed to other families through this “safe haven” subscription site that survived on word-of-mouth and had NO connection with commercial porn production. All content was donated to the site by forum members, and indeed the site was organised as a guest / anonymous forum for incest curious people, all photos were submitted through these forums by verifiable community members.

        I spent 4 months hacking the site. 6 months after that, the FBI made it disappear due to reports of pre-teen and pre-18 content. Also, the fact that a LARGE portion of the hidden, back room consisted of identical twins! In a few cases, even triplets.

        I will leak some of these twins / triplets sets to prove that what I am saying is accurate.


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  4. No more pornographic links please, or anything else from the old sites like actualincest or incesttaboo. This is NOT what we’re about here, we’re moving AWAY from porn culture because it isn’t helpful, actually it is damaging to our PR. I do not want to work with anyone who constantly posts porn. So the answer is no, I do not wish to work with you, or host any of your links.

    Furthermore, there is NOTHING normal or okay about a parent having sex with an UNDERAGE child, so stop trying to make it seem legit, it isn’t. If you want to make comments on my posts, that’s fine, but leave out the porn and don’t pretend that the shit that went on at sites like AI was okay, it wasn’t! I’m glad it was shut down if it had become infested with pedophiles.

    If you want to spread my material, that’s fine, do so by posting links to my site.

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on you now.


    1. Hmm, many people mistake the bible for literal truth and sanctity, so taking that as the standard of morals… ->

      “The usual age for marriage under Jewish law is 13 for boys, 12 for girls. Considering the circumstances described in the Gospel and giving enough weight to Jewish practices 2000 years back Mary was 13 when angel Gabriel appeared before her.”

      (i.e. she was raped by her husband since Jesus was born out of wedlock in the Spring, and not during the proper Jewish birth window in the Fall). Likely Mary was raped by her husband before they even married.

      As for Jesus’s father’s age… ->

      Guido Reni’s “St. Joseph and the Child” depicts a gray-haired elderly man holding baby Jesus…

      As much as Catholic priests have come under fire for child sexual abuse, No one ever complained that Jesus was born to a pedophile and a raped virgin! I guess that little bit was glossed over…

      Let’s return to that statement

      “NOTHING normal or okay about a parent having sex with an UNDERAGE child”

      in the modern US maybe, but soon our morals will be totally different, since changing times dictate new standards of good and bad. If you believe in the bible, you believe in pedophilia, rape, and father/daughter incest perpetrated by a baby-hungry daughter against her drunk dad, among other things!

      Thanks for keeping an eye on me. I was afraid you were going to ban me or censor me like everyone else in my life! Maybe eventually you’ll see my perspective that anthropologically, incest is usually a victimless crime if it’s done with safety, trust, and willingness, no matter what the age. Age restrictions on sex are entirely dependent on the country’s or area’s traditions and laws and don’t reflect human nature or what is right or wrong. Many people lose their virginity willingly at 13-16 to strangers or rapists, so why not do it in a safer manner under parent supervision?


      1. While it is true that in the middle ages and ancient history people used to get married and have sex much younger than today, that doesn’t make it right, it simply means that back then people knew no better. Life was short and harsh, so the emphasis was on producing as many children as possible.

        As for your reasoning, it’s so full of plotholes I scarcely know where to even begin.

        Firstly there is no pedophilia in the Bible, none at all. There is two daughters taking advantage of their drunken dad, and while that is inexcusable it isn’t on the same level as an adult abusing a child.

        Children depend on their parents while they are minors, they look up to their parents and want to please them. If that adult parent comes onto the underage child, then that child cannot give meaningful consent, period. There is no such thing as consent between an adult and a child.

        Of course there is consent between similarly aged siblings, for instance a 15 year old sister and a 16 year old brother, that’s still underage sex and still wrong because they’re too young to be having sex…. but ONE DOES NOT HAVE POWER OVER THE OTHER AND IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UPKEEP AND CARE OF THE OTHER, as is the case in parent and minor offspring.So I completely disagree with you about children being able to consent with adults, doesn’t happen…ever, it’s an impossibility.

        This is not just cultural, it’s common sense. A child is not physically or psychologically ready for sexual activity, let alone with somebody who has so much power over them.

        As for the virgin Mary, she was said to have not had intercourse before falling pregnant. She may have been telling the truth, if Gabriel was an Alien (very likely a Pleaidian) and Mary was inseminated by IVF.
        Also your statement ‘many people lose their virginity willingly at 13-16 to strangers or rapists’…. I really have no words. If it’s rape then it isn’t willing. Some kids of that age have consensual sex with other children of that age, but there isn’t consensual rape is there. Further proof that you seem to be unable to use your brain.

        Please don’t come back with another comment about how ‘normal’ adult/child pairing are, if you do, you will be banned.


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