Let’s promote equal rights for ALL consenting adults

Remember when I wrote that equality is only equality if it applies to everyone, well on that same topic I would like to add more. You see, true equality can only be achieved if all consenting adults stand together in solidarity, and not nitpick amongst themselves. I raise this issue because all too often people (especially LGBT people) are afraid that supporting us would hurt their cause because of the massive public opposition to consanguinamory. The fear goes that the conservative right wing bigots would point to such support and say ‘see, see, I told you that would happen, we’re on the slippery slope’. Never mind that the slippery slope fallacy is a nonsense.

Let me explain why supporting us is not going to harm LGBT rights, or polyamorous rights, and will in fact ensure the rights of all consenting adults in the long term.

Much of the opposition to consanguinamory, polyamory and LGBT are rooted in the same old tired arguments, we’ve heard them all before, but here is a list:

  1. The Ick factor, many people find it gross and disgusting – this is not a valid reason, it is merely a reflection of most peoples sexual and relationship preferences.
  2. It’s against somebody’s religious beliefs/It’s a sin – Again, an invalid reason, not everybody has the same religious beliefs and even within a single religion there are differing opinions. Religion should have no bearing on the legality or illegality of a relationship.
  3. Children brought up around that will be mentally harmed or will become LGBT/poly/consang themselves – Not a good reason, and actually this one is already debunked because there is plenty of evidence that most people adopted and raised by LGBT people turn out straight, why would that be different with regards to polyamorous and consanguinamorous people?
  4. It’s not natural – There is the underlying assumption that everything natural is good, and everything unnatural is bad, when that is not at all the case. Belladonna is very natural, but also very poisonous. Computers and airplanes are very unnatural, but very useful. Oh, and for the record, homosexuality, consanguinamory, and polyamory are all observed in the animal kingdom, so yes, it’s natural.
  5. There is a health hazard involved – People express this in different ways with regards to LGBT, Poly and Consang. With homosexuality the bigots cite STIs being spread through anal sex (as if vaginal sex never transmits a disease despite evidence to the contrary), with polyamory they cite that multiple partners causes the spread of STIs (despite the fact that if there is polyfidelity and if everyone is disease free then there is nothing to spread regardless of the number of people involved), and with consanguinamory they cite the mutant babies argument despite there being a 91% chance of a perfectly healthy baby even amongst first degree relatives.
  6. That shit being legal will lead to pedophilia becoming legal, or it will encourage pedophiles. We’ve all heard this one in articles, and we all know it’s a load of irrational scaremongering shit, the authors of such articles probably know it too but would never admit it. We all ask for the full equal rights of CONSENTING ADULTS to be respected, child molesting is and should always remain a very serious crime.

Well, you get the idea, we’re all up against the same wall of idiocy, and we can break that wall down together much more effectively than we could if each group stands alone. It would also be very hypocritical of us if we DIDN’T support poly and LGBT people, because if those arguments are invalid for us, how could they be valid with regards to other groups? They cannot be. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that some people are consanguinamorous AND poly or LGBT, so what service would we be doing those people if we did not universally support other groups of consenting adults?

I’d like to ask non-consang LGBT and Poly people to have a good think about it, and to offer their solidarity to us, because we’re extending the arm of friendship here and we would like everyones rights to be upheld and respected. It’s going to be much easier for all of us if we fight the good fight united. If you are the head of a human rights group that currently supports LGBT or Poly, then you might want to give us a shout too because myself and others within this community are interested in networking with you and educating people.


2 thoughts on “Let’s promote equal rights for ALL consenting adults

  1. It’s saddens me when so many in the LGBT community fail to see the parallels between their community and ours. It makes them out to be hypocrites, especially when they use the same arguments against incest that right-wingers use against the LGBT community. It’s more proof of what you told me before: they are only tolerant of those they have been told to be tolerant of.

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    1. True, while I’m sure a lot of LGBT people will support us given time and given more exposure to the logic behind things. Sadly there will always be those who do not approve, even within the LGBT community. Most people I think don’t want to be hypocrites, and for that reason, most of them will eventually come to our side with more education on the issue. Actually I wrote an article a while back on the startling similarities between the LGBT movement and ours:


      People need to start using their brains instead of just following the mass opinion on things, if more people broke free of such brainwashing the world would be a much better place. The media is not a good source of a moral compass, and nor is religion for the most part. In all instances people should look objectively and ask the question: is this harming anyone? and each and every time the answer is no, they should but their nose out and in fact speak up for those being discriminated against unfairly.

      We will get our rights, it’s simply a matter of when and where is going to be first. It took a generation to get LGBT accepted, it will take a generation most likely for us, but by God we’re going to get there bit by bit. Within the next few years don’t be surprised if more people become activists, those who do I will work and network with.


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