An outrageous case of discrimination UPDATE 5: An interview with Cristina Shy

Today people we’ve got a serious update on the Monica and Caleb’s outrageous persecution saga…. this time in a good way. Our friend Cristina Shy of has been out there to New Mexico to see them, along with some news reporters. The purpose of these news reporters covering Monica and Caleb’s story is to bring public attention to this obvious injustice, and to the plight of GSA couples in a more general way. Cristina herself will not be appearing in their production, as her role in all this was to offer emotional support to this couple, and to help make things run that bit more smoothly for them. Before this hits the mainstream news, I’ve got an interview here with Cristina herself, so she can tell you in her own words, what happened out there. For the sake of clarity, my questions are bolded, and Cristina’s answers are blockquoted:

So Cristina, at what point did you decide to go to New Mexaco and get involved with helping this couple, can you tell our readers, how this all came about?

Sure. I guess the beginning started when my google alerts brought the case against Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson to my attention. I felt that they are being unjustly prosecuted because they are both consenting adults. I wanted to get in touch with them because sometimes the media can be misinformed and I just wanted to get the correct facts from them firsthand. So I wrote an open letter to them, and posted it on all my platforms in the hopes that they might see my open letter and reach out to me. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Just 4 days after posting it, Caleb got in touch with me. We discussed at length about their plight, and my heart went out to them both. I wanted to try and help them if possible. So I started making phone calls to attorneys in their area as well as brainstorming ways to help them. I suggested a go fund me account, which they immediately began setting up. I also got in touch with a friend who works in the media  industry to see if he might be interested in their story. Luckily he was interested and I began putting him in contact with them to see if something could be done. He got in touch with some of his contacts as well to try and get more than one company to run the story so it would reach more people. And with much effort, he was able to get everything set up. I am very grateful to him for everything he has done.

Which news companies are involved in covering the story and when about can we expect to see this hit the mainstream news?

RTL is one of them. I believe they air in Germany. And the other is The Daily Mail.

Obviously because of the no contact order, Monica and Caleb had to be interviewed separately, how did each of them seem to be coping with their predicament, and are they hopeful concerning their own case?

They are coping as best they can. It’s hard not to be depressed when the law interferes with consenting adults, and i am sure it is very difficult to have no contact with your loved one. Especially since both are consenting adults and the government should not have the right to prosecute consenting adults that are in loving happy healthy relationships. Tearing families apart is a horrible thing to go through. I am sure that both Monica and Caleb will be glad when this is all over and they can begin putting their family back together again. It is a sad state of affairs when families are torn apart simply for loving each other.

I understand that Monica’s ex partner was interviewed, what was his take on this and how did he react to you?

He is very supportive of them and he wants the family back together, naturally. He was very nice to me and told me he was happy to meet someone that sympathizes with their predicament instead of condemning them for their personal choices. I plan to keep in contact with him. He is a very nice man that just wants the best for everyone.

How did the reporters themselves react to your presence? Did they ask you a lot of questions about consanguinamory in general terms or were they more focused just on this particular case?

They were very interested in the phenomenon of GSA and they did ask me many questions about it. They were quite focused on the case of course. But since this case is a classic case of GSA they were very interested in what i have learned about GSA in general. I was happy to answer their questions.

Are the reporters aware of the movement and how things are progressing?

Yes. They did ask about the movement and about the community. I am not sure they were aware before, and some of them seemed surprised that there are so many people living in hiding and fearing every day that the things happening to Monica and Caleb could happen to them as well.

As a result of this, GSA will obviously be talked about more in the media in general terms after the story has broke, how do you see this all playing out? I mean, do you think the responses will be more supportive of us as a result of this story?

I think there will be a lot of negative responses because society has not had the chance to get educated on this issue yet. But I think this interview may help to get some people thinking about it and will hopefully change some people’s opinions about it. I also think that this interview will reassure many people who are in similar relationships that they are not alone. So all in all, I think this interview will be a very positive thing to raise public awareness and help others in similar situations to find the courage to reach out to our community.

I understand that they’re also going to be promoting Caleb’s go fund me account to help them to raise money for decent attorneys, do you think that the production they have planned will raise them enough in time?

That’s a good question. I honestly don’t have an answer for it. But I really and truly hope that it helps to raise money because they need better attorneys.

Also, as I recall they are trying to get the trial moved to Albuquerque to ensure a fair trial, is there any progress on that front that you’re aware of?

No not that i am aware of.

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to add for the readers?

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read this. And to let the readers know that if they would like to contact me, I welcome contact. They can reach me through my website or they can email me  All conversations will remain confidential.

Well guys, there you go, that’s all we know for the moment, and I will keep you all updated when the news actually breaks in the mainstream, and I’ll obviously keep and eye out for any and all further developments. I wish Monica and Caleb the best of luck with their case and I would like to thank Cristina for agreeing to do this interview. Support when something like this happens is a tremendous thing when people are suffering persecution, so we should all also be thanking Cristina for going out there and helping as much as she was able to.


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