Some updates and reminders

I’ve updated my podcast, so episodes 64-73 are now available for listening and download. Sorry about the delay in that guys I’ve been distracted with other projects, but now my last ten essays are now available to listen to for those who do not have hours to spend at their computer.

Also, and I know it’s probably old news by now but I’ll say it again because it is urgent and important, Monica and Caleb need your assistance. If you can afford to and haven’t already done so, donate to their legal fees fund and/or send the letters I wrote. This couple will be very much grateful for any help you’re able to give.

Also, I will remind all readers of this blog that they should be signing this petition, to amend the law in Scotland to legalize incest for all over 21s. Every signature adds weight to the document.

Remember also that the forum Kindred Spirits is available for anyone who wishes to communicate with us privately, some forums are only available to introduced users, and so it is a safe and secure way to get in touch.

Lastly, thanks to all of you for following my blog 🙂


4 thoughts on “Some updates and reminders

  1. Only 36 signatures for the petition. The gay community succeeded in their fight because they have such a big lobby. I don’t see that in the near future for the consanguinamorous community. Very sad and frustrating to be honest….


    1. Well at first the gay community didn’t get much support either. They only have that now because homosexuality became better understood and so people realized their error and pressed forward for the legalization…. the same will happen for us too all it takes is time and effort in educating people.


  2. Hi ,
    It is interesting that the petition got so little support. even from some family and left-wingers who said they supported it! One VIP leftie told me..’ he liked the Evatt enquiry’ (1977 Royal Commission that recommended no criminal sanctions against ACI) ‘liked the Commissioners a lot – but am far too busy to open another front in the Sex Wars….. I think your timing is out…this is exactly what the ‘slippery slopers’ would love to add to their arsenal during the looming plebiscite.’ So some very politically minded people have not supported the petition for strategic and pragmatic political reasons! Wiki says about the Same-sex sexual activity laws in Australia:

    Upon colonisation in 1788, Australia inherited laws from the United Kingdom including the Buggery Act of 1533. These were retained in the criminal codes passed by the various colonial parliaments during the 19th century, and by the state parliaments after Federation.[citation needed] Same-sex sexual activity between men was considered a capital crime, resulting in the execution of convicted sodomites. The death penalty for convicted sodomites was reduced to life imprisonment in 1899, though Victoria had the death penalty for sodomy on the books until 1949. During the mid to late-20th century, states and territories slowly began repealing their sodomy laws as awareness surrounding homosexuality began to spread. State sodomy laws were repealed on the following dates. : But incest was not made a crime in Australia since about 1896. I suspect there was a lot more activism in the 70s and 80s when LBGT was becoming legal, and a lot of support came from a larger progressive movement, and also included many bi-sexuals. The youth today seem addicted to iPhones and porn/dating aps, and worried about repaying their uni debts/ competing with immigrants for jobs and housing. Things are more complicated now and people over-loaded with ‘issues.’

    Australian Capital Territory: October 1973, including Norfolk Island
    South Australia: August 1975
    Victoria: March 1981
    Northern Territory: October 1983
    New South Wales: June 1984
    Western Australia: March 1990
    Queensland: November 1990
    Commonwealth of Australia: December 1994[2]
    Tasmania: May 1997


    1. Sadly that kind of thing happens a lot, I honestly thought you’d get more than you did, but like you said, some people didn’t sign in case it hurt the LGBT equality movement. I just wish these people realized that equality should mean equality for ALL consenting adults, not just selected ones, otherwise it can hardly be called equality.


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