Another example of incest being confused with child abuse

I was going to cover this story here, but it seems that Keith beat me to it. Basically, and Australian Judge said

“Sentencing for incest must reflect society’s denunciation of the sexual abuse of children and the profound harm which it causes,” the court wrote. “The very high maximum penalty underlines the seriousness with which the offence is regarded.”

The case in question was one of repeated rape of two teenage girls, the younger of which became pregnant by him at thirteen years of age. The sentence the man was given, five and a half years, was much too lenient for such a heinous act. The issue is NOT that he was their stepfather, the issue is that they were underage children in his care and he raped and defiled them.

Rape and childhood sexual abuse are clearly wrong whether the perpetrator and the victim are related or not. I would also add that sex between consenting adults should never be a criminal matter whether the participants are related or not. People really should learn the difference between incest and child abuse.


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