Is it a good idea?

This is the very question a lot of people ask themselves when they first realize that they are falling in love with a family member, be it via GSA or otherwise. With so much opposition to incest in the public sphere, it would be bizarre for people NOT to ask these kinds of questions in the initial stages. Some people who experience these attractions do not act on them, others do. For some, the risks outweigh the benefits, and for others, the benefits outweigh the risks. Of course each individual set of circumstances is different and it really depends on the people involved, but I will speak in more broad terms in this article to help those trying to decide. The lists below assume that both people feel the same way about each other, but are unsure of what to do.

The Risks

  1. If it is illegal where you live, there is a chance of getting caught and going to jail.
  2. If others find out they may ostracise you both and cut you off, both friends and family.
  3. There is also the possibility of being lynched, media circused or otherwise abused.
  4. If you break up, you will have to deal with that person as an ex and as a relative, if the breakup was bad you might lose them as family too.
  5. You might feel guilty as a result of being in a taboo relationship.
  6. You must live an outward life of lies, secrecy and smokescreens to guard your secret from others.
  7. The additional risks should you want children in the future.
  8. You will be unable to obtain a lawful marriage in most of the world.

The Benefits

  1. If the relationship is non-GSA, you’ll already know the other person 100%, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  2. The double-love bond which is not available outside of consanguine relationships. The relationship will have unparalleled depth because of this.
  3. Your similarities will make you more compatible in several areas of your relationship.
  4. If it is a GSA relationship, you’ll be able to introduce your partner/relative as simply your partner to friends.
  5. If you move to somewhere nobody knows you, you can be open as partners and nobody will be any the wiser providing that you look dissimilar enough, if not you may be able to pass for a cousin couple, which is legal in most places.
  6. You may be able to let your guard down more completely than with any other type of relationship.
  7. You’ll be following your heart and not living a lie or dating others you don’t really want to in order to mask your true feelings and identity.
  8. It could be a lifelong romance, if your relative is ‘the one’.

In reality, you have to weigh all of these factors up. In truth it depends largely on how you both feel about it. It boils down to one simple question: Do you love this person enough for it to outweigh all of the risks outlined above? Only you can answer that for yourselves. I’m not trying to give relationship advice here as such, but just to make you aware of the issues involved so that you can better evaluate the situation for yourself. If those risks sound like far too much, than perhaps consanguinamory isn’t for you, but if you think like ‘I know the risks but there is no way I could ever love anyone else like this, I’ll do whatever it takes’ then perhaps it’s time you took the plunge.


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