A pint sized piece of ignorance

Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a miniature article to cover about incest in Kenya. Only a few sentences long, it’s half-baked attempt at informing the public is as lamentable as it is ignorant. Let’s get stuck in shall we.

The National Gender and Equality Commission Wednesday decried rampant cases of incest in the county as it called for prosecution of culprits.

Why bother prosecuting consenting adults? Furthermore, why is this an issue for the gender and equality commission? You’re not implying that women cannot consent to incest are you? Furthermore, if it is between consenting adults, why would the amount of incest be a problem. That’s like saying that the rampant use of sex toys or porn is bad. If something is not negative, then it matters not the quantity.

Commission Chairperson Winfred Lichuma said relatives engaging in sex had become common, raising concerns on morality values.

Morality values? So it’s moral to stop consenting adults from having relationships that you don’t approve of, is it? I fail to see how two consenting adults having sex is the concern of the state, it shouldn’t be. How does it become immoral just because two people are related? You wouldn’t decry two childhood best friends getting together, so how does it all of a sudden become disgusting if those two childhood best friends happen to be brother and sister? And while it may gain raised eyebrows if there is an age gap relationship, why does it become terrible when they’re parent and offspring? IT DOESN’T… consanguinamory is normal and natural, and should be respected as part of relationship diversity.

She said men were engaging in sex with their daughters or sisters.

That’s bad…. why? When incest is a part of a loving relationship, it is NOT a bad thing, it can indeed be a very GOOD thing. I speak from experience.

She said wife battery and defilement were on the rise. “We are preaching against gender-based violence,” she said.

Hold on a minute here, wife beating and defilement (child molesting) are BOTH completely different topics from consanguinamory. A man who beats his wife should be prosecuted for assault. Somebody who molests a child should be prosecuted for pedophilia. Nobody would argue those points. But WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH INCEST BETWEEN CONSENTING ADULTS? The answer: Absolutely NOTHING. So why even bring it up?

Actually, stupid question, I know EXACTLY why you brought it up. It was thrown in there to falsely associate incest with sexual violence against women and children. You might have fooled a lot of people because of their prejudices, but you haven’t fooled me or any number of other free thinking individuals who can spot propaganda a mile away. Nice try, but FAIL.


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