Yet another drop in the overflowing bucket of bullshit

Okay folks, today we’ve got another article full of ignorant bullshit, complete with a hefty dose of scaremongering from a policeman who fails to back up his claims with hard statistics. This one will be easy work

A police officer attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has expressed concern about what appears to be increased incidents of incest in Antigua & Barbuda.

“It is not as prevalent as rape and as unlawful sexual intercourse, but of late we are seeing an increase in incest,” said Corporal Kleus Lavia.

Is there really? You sure it’s not just greater awareness of incest? Or that more couples are being less careful about not getting caught? Even if the incidence of incest was increasing, as long as it is between consenting adults… where exactly is the problem?

Furthermore, people need to stop lumping incest in with actual sex crimes, like rape. Rape produces victims, incest does not.

The police officer, who was speaking on OBSERVER Radio’s Patrol Duty, did not provide any statistics to back up his claim.

So, either he was too lazy to look up the figures, or there isn’t any to back up his claim. Either way, you either shouldn’t be making claims that you can’t back up, or you should familiarize yourself with the facts before making such statements on a Radio station.

He said that incest, according to the law, is defined as sexual activity between family members or close relatives.

Exactly, the definition says NOTHING about it meaning abuse or rape. Incest between CONSENTING ADULTS should’t be illegal in the first place.

Corporal Lavia said in most of the cases reported to CID the perpetrators are male, and further issued a word of caution to men in general.

“Leave our young girls alone; date ladies your own age. Our teenagers are our future. If young girls are looking up to you, it simply means they trust you. Do not (take) advantage of them because the penalty is dire,” Lavia said.

Where in the above definition of incest does it mention grown men taking advantage of their teenage girls? It doesn’t. Pedophilia and incest ARE NOT the same thing. Also, does he HAVE TO date somebody his own age? He could date a woman who is older than he if he wants to, or a woman who is younger than he is (of legal age obviously)… what’s your beef with age gap relationship? They can and do work well for some people.  As a final point,parent/offspring incest relationships can work really well once the woman is a GROWN WOMAN… I know from my own experience as a consanguinamorous woman.

According to the Sexual Offences Act of 1995, a person who commits incest is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life, if committed by an adult with a person less than 14 years of age; 15 years in prison if committed by an adult with a person 14 years of age or more; a two-year prison sentence if committed between two minors.

According to the laws that govern the country, a minor is an individual under the age of 18 years.

I wholeheartedly agree that there needs to be penalties for grown men and women taking advantage of vulnerable teens… you’ll get no argument from me there. Such penalties should be there whether the perpetrator and victim are related or not. However, the law locking up MINORS for two years is ridiculous. So, say a brother and sister who are 17 experiment together sexually, neither of them is harmed by the experience and they are both cool about it. Suddenly they get caught, everyone flies into a frenzy and they both get two years in juvenile detention. It isn’t the teenage experimentation that’s the problem here, it is stupid laws like this that are the problem.

Another sexual offence that the police officer said was rampant, was indecent assault.

“Indecent assault is very prevalent; it basically involves unwanted touching. We might consider touching someone as not being anything, but if I touch someone and it is unwanted and I make some remarks of a sexist nature, it can amount to indecent assault,” Corporal Lavia said.

He said a person who indecently assaults another is guilty of an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for five years.

So remember guys, if you touch a woman ANYWHERE (even her arm) on her body and call her sexy, if she doesn’t feel the same you could go to jail for FIVE YEARS for indecent assault. You see, according to these morons, that is exactly the same as groping her or grabbing her breasts out of the blue. See how idiotic this is?

Good God, we’ve come to the end but seriously, it highlights how fucked up these laws actually are.


3 thoughts on “Yet another drop in the overflowing bucket of bullshit

  1. This is why the stigma against these relationships remains, every time someone hears the word incest they immediately think abuse. There’s a thing called consensual incest people google it.


  2. I’ve read the article you referred to and I feel I’ve wasted my time.
    The police officer couldn’t back up his claims with actual case numbers and the article was much too vague about what exactly happened and who was involved. It looks like they tried to create a story out of nothing.

    Besides that it shows the problem that makes every discussion about this subject additional difficult. Incest is not just a widespread taboo but also a kind of umbrella term which includes different, strongly contrasting things. In talking or writing articles it should be made clear from the start what kind of incest is the topic. Is it abuse or rape, experimentation between teenagers or are consenting adults involved? If this distinction is not clear from the beginning every article and following discussion seems to be in vain.

    I think that a new term for incest between consenting adults could be really helpful. Consanguinamory doesn’t sound bad but it’s not a real catchy, cool word. Maybe you should invent a new one, Jane.


    1. To be fair it annoys the HELL out of me when they don’t even say what kind of incest it is, there is a bloody big difference between people sexually abusing minors who are related, and people having a relationship with an adult family member. Lumping them all in together falsely conflates one with the other, even more so when the author of the article goes on a tirade against incest without specifying what type.

      As for a new word, I realize that consanguinamory is a bit of a long word and not too catchy, but as of yet nobody has come up with a more catchy alternative for it… I highly doubt I can. I mean, consanguinamory as a word is easy to understand it’s meaning is ‘lovers of family’ just from the word itself. I think I’ll stick to this one unless anyone does actually think of a better one. Thanks for the suggestion though.


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