Why the consanguinamory movement should shun policial correctness

At times we look around at all of the hateful comments made against us, and it feels as though the world is stacked against us. It’s very easy for us to want all that hate to just go away, or at least be out of sight. Let’s face it, it’s not nice having to deal with prejudice and bigotry, and sadly incestophobia is everywhere.

However, during our future campaigns around the world for our rights, I would urge this movement NOT to succumb to the temptation of silencing our critics by making it taboo to criticize us. So far there hasn’t been a single criticism against consensual adult incest that has not been discredited or proven logically to be an invalid argument… even the mutant babies argument holds no real water. So each and every time our people are exposed to incestophobic bigoted nonsense, rather than launch personal attacks or tell the offending poster to ‘shut the fuck up’ (as tempting as it is to do just that), we should use these instances as examples of illogical stupidity, to demonstrate the frailty and lack of substance in these arguments.

In truth we have everything to gain by maintaining the rights to free speech for all sides of the debate. Yes, it means that even bigoted morons can have their say, but our logic and sense of fairness can and will win out. We cannot demand our rights whilst demanding that the rights of others be curtailed, that would be both hypocritical and conceited. We’re stronger than that and we’re better than that. The arguments for our liberation are in fact so strong that we have absolutely nothing to fear from our critics.

As the public become more and more educated about GSA and incest, the rate of incestophobic stupidity will see a steady decline, as you would expect. As a result of this, those who still insist on coming out with such nonsense will be taken less and less seriously. So what is now felt as a deep wound to us will in future become a thing to be laughed at. So rather than nodding in agreement with the bigot, the more educated people of tomorrow will listen to him or her and just go ‘Jeez, what a bigoted arsehole, what his/her problem?’ People will pay less and less attention as their voices against us become more and more shrill.

Eventually, most of them will fall silent anyway, realizing that they have little prospect of a sympathetic audience from the general public. Some pockets of it may remain, as pockets of homophobia still remain. So while we may never stamp out incestophobia in it’s entirety, we can greatly reduce it to negligible levels by education alone. It’s going to take time of course, but this is by far the best way of doing it.

We’re asking for our rights, but we do not have the right to curtail the right of free speech to others, no matter how invalid or ridiculous their opinions. We do however retain the right to respond to such bigoted comments, sarcastically if we wish to, provided that it is not done in a personal way, attack the argument (even sarcastically if you like), not the person. In this way we will rise above the petty stupidity and get to the meat and potatoes of the debate… which is where we will win ground, each and every time. We do not need to be defended or protected from criticism, because there is no valid arguments that can be used against consanguinamory.


3 thoughts on “Why the consanguinamory movement should shun policial correctness

  1. I also think that one have to accept that certain groups will never tolerate you, like they will never tolerate homosexuals and that for the rest education might be the answer.

    One problem I see is that bigotry and intolerance seem to be on the rise. I observe more and more that there is a split in society between tolerant people and groups who have no shame to scream out their bigoted and intolerant world-views. As you know in most of the countries in Europe right-wing politics become stronger, in the US people like Trump are popular. If these people prevail it will be more difficult. More difficult for homosexuals, for people from different races and also for consanguinamorous people.

    I think you are wrong concerning your feeling of being surrounded by enemies and that everyone seems to be against you. Because that’s not the case and it has a lot to do with your perception. Of course the law in most countries is against you, also parts of the media and people who write hateful commentaries and they all make a lots of noise. But that’s not all there is. There are people, allies, who support you and a large group of people who don’t bother if someone is lesbian, homosexual or love a family member. I think this large group have the potential to become allies if they become aware of how you people suffer because of intolerance and how you have to hide out of fear of prosecution.


    1. I think that the main ones who might never come to tolerance are those on the extreme fringes of the right wing, the religious nutjobs and so on. Those people don’t represent the majority. I think that the majority of people are largely in ignorance of the issue and just believe that incest is bad because ‘well everyone knows that’… those people we can change their minds about the subject. I think most people want to be decent tolerant members of society, and many of them, through ignorance, see harm in incest where there isn’t any. Like I said, education is the key to getting those ones to change their mind.

      I realize that there are allies, I’m glad that there is 🙂 So it’s not like I think EVERYONE is against us, just a majority right now… unfortunately at the moment the bigots are being rather noisy and have the law on their side. The hateful commentaries I will continue to debunk as I usually do. That can and will change, all it takes is time and effort. Like you said, once they begin to understand the unnecessary suffering these laws cause they will help us to change them.


  2. I don’t even think that a majority is against you. Anyway, I admire your activism which could really make a difference.
    Thanks for the ‘nutjobs’ by the way. I haven’t heard that word before and had to look it up in my dictionary. 🙂


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