Equality is only equality if it applies to everyone

Everyone these days believes in equality, or at least believes that they believe in equality. When it is pointed out that there is still state sanctioned oppression going on in the modern western world, their reaction is to deny it and point to the fact that homosexual and lesbian marriages are recognized and validated by the law. In their eyes, if you can have a gay marriage or a straight marriage, then there must be equality… right?

Wrong! Accepting and validating gay marriage was one very important step towards equality, but it was a first step, not the only step. Yes, there is equality for gay people… but what about other sexual minorities which are denied their equal rights? What about polyamorous marriages where people would be allowed to marry more than one person if they chose to and everyone consented? Why is that not allowed? I mean, it’s legal for somebody to have more than one sexual partner at the same time, and it’s legal to have children with multiple people, so why is it not legal to marry those same people? It’s clearly a complete nonsense!

And what of us, consanguinamorous people. It is legal for me to have an orgy with a group of complete strangers if I wanted to, or to marry a stranger. Yet I would never have been allowed to marry my father, who I loved more than anyone in the world. Not only would we have been denied our right to marry, but had we been caught having a relationship we would both have gone to prison. How is that in any way justifiable? It isn’t.

How ‘tolerant’ are we as a society really? I’d say a lot less tolerant than people realize. While homophobia is socially unacceptable, and rightfully so, incestophobia is not only allowed, it is actively encouraged and participated in by the state. Ordinary men and women, who are otherwise law abiding find themselves in the predicament of having to deny their love for each other or run the risk of being incarcerated. It wastes police time and taxpayers money, and it causes a  great deal of distress to the couples and their families. All of this is employed to oppress a group of people who harm nobody, people who did nothing more than just fall in love. These actions on behalf of the state are immoral and an injustice.

Armchair eugenicists try time and again to employ the wholly discredited mutant babies argument. Holding incest couples to a higher standard than the rest of humanity. If one group of people are denied their rights because they have a higher chance of producing a child with health problems, then why are all such groups not similarly denied their rights? Like women over forty, people who are known to take illegal drugs, smoke and drink heavily, or need to take medications which could harm an unborn baby, and people who carry known genetic disorders. This is what’s called a double standard. One rule for one group and one rule for another… and people think that there is ‘equality’ already, get real, this isn’t equality at all. Let’s start with holding everyone to the same standards. Clearly oppressing vast swathes of the populations relationship and reproductive choices is not an option, but legalizing incest clearly is.

Every single argument against equal rights for incest couples can be similarly debunked, and I have done so over the many articles I have written on this website. So let’s not pretend we have equality in our culture when that is not the case. Let’s face up to the fact that incestophobia needs tackling with education, and these outrageous and discriminatory laws need striking from the books, and the sooner the better. Let’s go even further, let’s have FULL equal rights including the right to legally recognized marriage. For a time, the haters will hate, but in the end they will be proven to be wrong, bigoted and plenty stupid. People, it’s time for change.


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