An outrageous case of discrimination UPDATE 2

Well ladies and gentlemen, today I fully expected there to be some actual news on what was going to happen to Monica Mares and Caleb Peterson, the mother/son GSA couple on trial for incest in New Mexico. Instead, we get this article  explaining that they are to remain in custody until their trial next month.

On Monday, Mares asked her bond be reduced to surety, meaning a bonding company could post most of the money and allow her to be free until trial. Judge Richard Hollis declined the request.

“We’ve already tried that and to no avail,” Hollis told her during Monday’s video hearing.

Translation: We didn’t explain to Caleb that he wasn’t supposed to make contact, and so we’re using said contact as an excuse to keep you both locked up.

Not only is this absolutely cruel and immoral to drag them before court for SEX WITH ANOTHER CONSENTING ADULT, it’s also cruel and immoral to break them up because people don’t like their relationship. It shouldn’t even be an issue, it is their business and nobody elses.

I’m keeping  close eye on this one folks… updates to come next month when we get to hear what’s actually happening. I’m disgusted that they’re keeping them locked up, just as I’m disgusted about this outrageous prosecution.


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