What makes consanguinamory so amazing?

Most of us who have had a serious relationship with a family member will say that this relationship is the best one they’ve ever had, that they’re so much in love, and that the ‘honeymoon period’ seems to go on and on indefinitely for much of the time. It’s natural therefore to ask why this would be the case. It doesn’t seem to be the norm for other types of relationships, so it must be something unique to consanguinamory.

I have a theory, which I think can make sense of all this. I posted about an article a short while back about Freud vs Westermarck, in which a study proved that Freud was right, people are naturally more attracted to people with physical characteristics similar to our own (i.e. our relatives). What is unique to incest is the whole double-love experience, being able to love the other person as family and as a lover simultaneously, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. I believe that both of these factors contribute to a stronger bond, and therefore a more intense experience of being in love than most people can even begin to dream of.

Now, of course the article that proves Freud right is pertaining to normal exsanguine persons, not to the incest community. Truth is, the effect of being drawn towards similarity is very much stronger for us than for most people. Of course, like with most things, a spectrum exists, where people can be drawn to similarities and to differences, and I think most people lie somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. We lie at the ‘similarities’ end of the spectrum (you can’t get more similar than family members can you), where people who are by their nature repulsed by people who are similar to themselves lie at the ‘differences’ end of the spectrum. I would argue that we’re a part of this naturally occurring spectrum of human feelings and behavior, and that we simply lie at the most extreme point of similarity.

In short, we’re just wired up a little differently from most people, and for us this need for similarity expresses itself by making us intensely attracted to our family members. Of course, once the double-love aspect is thrown into the mix, this is the recipe for the most beautiful, intense and enduring relationships possible. THIS is what makes our relationships so amazing. Now… it’s only a shame that the world doesn’t understand that.


One thought on “What makes consanguinamory so amazing?

  1. I’d say what makes it amazing is that you already know everything about your family member and don’t have to worry about them judging you if they feel the same way and you don’t have to worry about them cheating on you if they feel the same way.


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