Yet another anti-incest article conflating incest with child abuse

Here, you will find an article entitled ‘Having sex with your daughter is just Disgusting‘. The title itself pretty much sets the tone for the whole piece because it is really all based on the authors prejudices, backed up later on by the debunked ‘mutant babies’ argument.

It opens with this:

Drama unfolded last week in Thika where a mother of 11 accused her husband of keeping her away from their six-month old last born child, having sex with their 18-year-old daughter.

But these so far are just allegations. The father and daughter have since come out and refuted the claims.

Firstly, the woman concerned is 18, she is a young adult able to make up her own mind about who she wants to have sexual relations with. Also, of course they are going to deny it… why would they admit to something publicly when it is likely to land them in jail because of the bigotry and prejudice of the system?

Incest is however a real problem in Kenya. Who can forget the big eyes of Simon Kituyi Wakape when he was arraigned in a Webuye court last October to answer to charges of incest. DNA analysis showed that there was a 99.9 per cent chance that he was the father of his daughter’s child. Talk of having a child for a grandchild!

Separate case, it doesn’t state the daughters age, and of course this is significant. If she was underage then clearly he should be charged with child rape rather than incest, but if she was a consenting adult then there should be no charges to answer.

As to the fact that he impregnated his daughter, assuming that it was consensual adult sex then the state really shouldn’t be involved. The ability to choose who to procreate with is a human right, and it’s something that the law should not interfere with on that basis alone.

Not long before Wakape, a man from Kimumu in Eldoret pleaded guilty to defiling and impregnating his 13-year-old daughter

The issue is yet again not their relation, it is the fact that she was an underage girl. Thirteen is not old enough to consent with anyone, including her father. So this creep should have the book thrown at him for child rape.

Incest is just outrageous, even animals seem to shun it.

Not always, a small minority within all animals have tendencies towards incestuous sex. If it is not a major problem for the gene pools of the animals, why should it be a major problem for human beings?

How, for heaven’s sake, could one even contemplate the repugnant thought of having sex with her father or his mother? Or getting it on with his sister?!

The same way that anyone considers having sex with anyone. Some people find family members attractive, and there is nothing wrong with that.

don’t know about you, but the very thought of this is sickening. There are a few things in this world that are a no-no, and incest is one of them.

If it sickens and disgusts you then this form of sexuality is not for you. Just because you find something gross doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same way. In fact there is a sizeable minority who disagree with you, and many of us have had experience in these kind of relationships and find them to be the most beautiful and complete expressions of love. Just because you cannot get your head around it doesn’t make it wrong, it just makes it different, that’s all.

Given that sex leads to reproduction, the big question is, how do the offspring of incestuous relationships fare in terms of health and quality of life?

Sex CAN lead to reproduction, but these days it doesn’t have to. There are plenty of effective methods of contraception available to couples that are fertile. That said, this argument doesn’t even apply to homosexual incest, or to incest where the woman is post menopausal. In fact, the majority of incestuous couples choose not to take the risk and have children.

The article then goes on to cite a study:

Results from a study of Czechoslovakian children whose fathers were first degree relatives, show the true effects of first degree incest. Less than 50 per cent of the children from incestuous unions were completely healthy. Forty-two per cent had severe birth defects or suffered early death. Another 11 per cent were mildly mentally impaired.

The researchers concluded that the odds of a baby born out of incest dying early, having severe birth defects or mental deficiency is almost 50 per cent.

The control group in the study were offspring of the same mothers, but whose fathers were not blood relatives of the mothers. Results showed that only seven per cent of these children were born with birth defects.

I would argue that the increased risks of incest would have been compounded by environmental factors as well. The fact that the children born of unrelated parents had a 7% risk of being born with problems is remarkably high. The usual figure quoted for unrelated parents is around 2% chance that something would go wrong. This alone tells me that there is something wrong with the sample taken. Perhaps the prenatal care wasn’t up to scratch, maybe the mothers were malnourished or were smokers and drinkers, maybe there was a lot of pollution in the environment causing an increased risk for all children whether born of incest or not.

Furthermore, research has been done that states that the risks are nowhere near this. The risks for cousins is around 3%, for 2nd degree relatives 6-7% and for first degree relatives is about 9%. Therefore the study above you spoke of must have confounding environmental factors. I am not saying that increased risks don’t exist, only that they are frequently grossly exaggerated.

A sexual relationship between relatives concentrates the gene pool for defects and hereditary diseases.

And it would also concentrate the gene pool for any beneficial genes that those family members might have as well. You do realize that good genes are inherited as well… right?

Apart from the medical conditions that offspring may suffer, Dr Ong’ech points out that the psychological trauma that follows will affect the individuals as well as their families.

The psychological trauma of being inbred is the fault of society for stigmatizing such children. If we as a society remove the stigma, and the hate and the fear, then we remove the psychological trauma. It is a better path to take than to continue down the road of repression and criminalizing people just for making unusual relationship choices.

The bottom line is that the stakes are so high whenever there is incest. I don’t think there is any culture in the world that allows a father sleep with his daughter. It’s just disgusting!

As I have explained, the stakes are NOT as high as you believe them to be. Furthermore, it shows your lack of knowledge on the subject that you don’t think there is anywhere in the world where father/daughter incest is legal. How about The Netherlands, Spain, France, some US states (though only one or two), Japan… of course all those countries must have some serious problems and their societies must be caving in… right? Actually no. There is no problem with incest in these places and it hasn’t caused any societal problems.

For the love of God, get your facts straight before you start posting articles full of misinformation and bigotry. Incest isn’t disgusting to everyone, if it were, blogs like mine wouldn’t be here.


2 thoughts on “Yet another anti-incest article conflating incest with child abuse

  1. I wish such articles would say if the act was consrnsual or not so bigoted people like this would finally STFU. I am not in a incestous relationship nor I know anyone who is and yet whenever I see something like that I am full of anger inside.


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