A letter of support

Today I received this letter in my inbox:


thank you so much for writing the site consanguinamory. While i am reading your about me page i just felt i am reading my thoughts and feelings from others view.

I am in early thirties. I lost my mother in my teenage. but you know she is the one i love most. She is the one i dreamed of every moment. So i got feelings on her. Not just on her very soon i found love between the consenting adults is beautiful. With whom we admire, with whom we feel the warmth and care and equality in thoughts and actions they inspires us most.

Most of the times its our parents, We are allowed to share everything with our parents but not love and sex. Its too stupid.Whats wrong if we hug our beloved parent and whats wrong if we stare into their beautiful eyes for hours, whats wrong we lost ourselves in them. I am fighting with these feelings and thoughts for almost 15 years and now i decided that they are the real calling. Yes I decided to accept them. not just mother and son, bu that kind of beautiful love exists between a father and daughter and a brother and sister too.

I am  here to support the true love the very special and most intimate love between the family members.

I am trying to sensitize people and educate them in my surroundings.I am happy to connect with you via mails.

Well thank you for sending me this e-mail, I am glad that you’ve enjoyed reading my website and feel affirmed by it’s message.

You are right of course that the laws against incest are completely ridiculous and really ought be repealed, and from our perspective the sooner the better. I am tackling those prejudices and misconceptions that are keeping this form of sexuality illegal, and I am helping spread the word with my youtube channel and my podcast too. I am sorry to hear that your mother is no longer with you, and I wonder if you ever had the chance to tell her how you really felt?

Of course there is nothing wrong with parent/offspring love. that’s just a complete misconception by the public because they are ignorant about how such relationships actually work. There is nothing comparable to the family/lovers double-love that exists in consanguinamory.

I am glad to hear from you and wish you all the best 🙂


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