Common traits of consanguinamorous people

Over the years online I have noticed that nearly all consanguinamorous people have certain traits, or at least most of them. These traits may have been in part what helped us to recognize that having a family member as a partner too is a possibility. It’s not that these traits cause us to be the way that we are, just that they facilitate the possibilities becoming available to us. Some of the traits appear AFTER we’ve become involved, as a direct result of our worldview being turned upside down.

I realize that I am speaking in generalizations, but for the most part these are pretty accurate in my experience of others:

Open-Minded – This one is really a no-brainer. A closed mind is never going to consider the possibility of choosing a mate within the family, let alone actually doing so. It is sometimes the case that minds open up even more after people become involved with consanguinamory, as their experience has taught them that the different is nothing to be afraid of and can in fact be wonderful.

Have a strong sense of morality – After realizing that society has labeled incest as ‘wrong’ when it really isn’t, the majority of consanguinamorous people will base their inner sense of right and wrong on what harms others and what doesn’t. Basically, if it harms nobody then it’s okay, if it causes harm, then it’s wrong.

Are respectful of other peoples differences, especially sexual differences – After all, we’re different from the norm ourselves, aren’t we? So as a whole, we respect others who make different life choices.

Hate to see persecution of others – Our people are no strangers to unfair laws and attitudes, and usually when possible will speak up about abuses of human rights.

Are secretive – Although this is by necessity rather than by choice, revealing ourselves can lead to going to jail. Yet sometimes we’re even fearful of opening up fully to each other, and this can lead to feelings of isolation even within the community. I’m bucking this trend a little by making this blog, even though I do so anonymously.

See the world in a variety of different ways – We don’t tend to let others make up our opinions for us, we do it ourselves thank you very much. The majority opinion and conventional ‘wisdom’ is often flawed and has little to offer.

As I said, these are my observations, but they sure do seem accurate.


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