It’s a sexual orientation, not a fetish

It’s rather sad that I have to publish an article about this, but there are some things I will need to clear up for my readers, especially my non-consanguinamorous readers who might not realize this because of some other disgusting websites out there.

There are some people in this world who treat incest as a fetish, they go to the porn sites and they write ridiculous and obvious BS on the forums. The threads themselves vary, but a common theme seems to be:

  1. Person A asks for ‘advice’ on how to seduce a family member
  2. Persons B, C, D ad infinitum post nonsense like ‘let her/him catch you masturbating and ask for a hand’ or ‘let him/her see you naked’
  3. Person A, about a day later makes a lengthy and sexually explicit post about all the great sex they supposedly had, down to the finest details including penis length, bra size… etc

You see, real people and real relationships do not and cannot work this way. Those idiotic threads sound as if they were lifted from a pornography script, in truth many of them probably were. The posters on such forums are likely to be the people who are watching ‘incest videos’ on the Internet, and cannot see beyond the end of their erect penises to realize that in real life people just don’t behave that way. They do not speak of love because they do not come from the perspective of love, they come from a purely carnal perspective.

They cannot begin to understand the beauty and depth of the double love bond that they reduce to a mere fetish, and they are actually deeply insulting to those of us who have had real relationships with our family members. Consanguinamory is a real sexual orientation, based on the fact that we strongly prefer to have the family bond with the lovers bond, the double love. We are incomplete without this bond and therefore other types of relationship are simply unsatisfying.

It’s because of the strength and depth of our love that we are horrified and dismayed when the public (understandably) believes that those idiots are ‘those disgusting incest people’ and barely knows that communities like ours exists. Yet those fetishists do not represent us and they do not speak for us. They do us damage by their actions. all in the name of jacking off. Any fetishist reading this should know that many of us hate what you’re doing, please think about the consequences next time you go to one of those websites.

Even worse than the obvious  PR problems this poses to the consanguinamorous community is that at first many of us end up on their websites trying to find others and trying to ignore the porn. I was myself one of these people in the early 2000s searching for answers. My first thought was ‘what’s with all the porn?’ Then I felt disgusted reading some of their stupid threads. Yet I stuck around hoping to find at least one other genuine person. It took months, but eventually I did get to write to other real people who hated the porn forum culture as much as I did. Back then there was no other way of contacting others as there wasn’t a consanguinamory community like there now is. It can be a very lonely and bewildering experience to have your beautiful and amazing consanguinamorous relationship and then be staring such bullshit in the face for months on end.

I just want the world to understand us as a sexual orientation, and to realize that those porn forums disgust us as much as they’re likely to disgust anyone else. We face enough discrimination and really shouldn’t have to cope with additional bullshit like this. I want people to know that the incest fetish community is NOT the same thing as consanguinamory as an orientation. We are not the same group of people.


One thought on “It’s a sexual orientation, not a fetish

  1. If you’re searching for material, you have a fetish.

    If you’re searching for company, you have an orientation.


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