19th May 2015

An Accidental Study

So I found an interesting thread on a message board geared at straight women and marriage. Not exactly the most radical environment, I think y’all would agree. Well, apparently interesting things happen everywhere.

Okay so, I don’t mean to be creepy by posting this on here, but I’m just kind of shocked. I never thought of this as something I’d hear from one of my friends who is actually engaged. One of my friends actually just told me yesterday that she has fantasized about sex with her brother and would have sex with him if he was into it… I’m kind of speechless to be honest. I don’t have a brother, so, I guess I wouldn’t have any experience with even having a brother, however all my friends when i was a kid had brothers and I always thought of them as my brothers too, and I know I would never think of having sex with them. You don’t have to answer in a post since I’m posting a poll but I would like to know if any of you have ever thought seriously about having sex with your sibling. She and I are fairly close, and I just wanna know if I should recommend she see a psychologist about this. She wouldn’t be offended, since I know she would do the same for me if she thought I was a little off about something.

Naturally most of the comments are negative, and a bunch of them recommend that she tell her friend to see a therapist if her friend actually tries to consummate her desire. A few are, while not totally accepting, at least tolerant, and tell her to let her friend think and do what she wants in private.

As you can see from the poll, though, there were a few “others” amongst them.

I knew a girl back in high school who slept with her brother. I was totally clueless at the time because c’mon!? Who thinks their friend is doing it with their brother!? I was totally taken by surprise when I found out.

[…] Well I stayed over at her house for a sleepover and they were getting drunk. She was totally smashed and started accusing me of hitting on her brother. He was also pretty hammered and was rambling on about how none of her boyfriends would ever treat her as well as he did. At first I was like what the heck is going on, what are they talking about?? It was as if they were having a couples argument. I had slept over at her house many times before and never noticed anything wierd but they were acting strange even before we started to party. Well we finally go to bed and late in the night he comes into her room and he sneeks out to his room right across the hallway. They were drunk so it was loud as hell and woke me up or I would never had noticed. Needless to say I heard them. I was so blown away and disgusted!!! She finally came back to her room and went to sleep. I couldnt sleep a wink after that. I was doing mental gymnastics trying to cope with what happened.

Of course like a typical teenager I HAD to tell someone so I told a mutual friend of ours and they ever so casually implied I was the only one who DIDNT know. I was not the first to notice they did that kinda stuff. WTF!

And another:

Eww. No way! I went to high school with a brother and sister who I’m pretty sure slept with each other. I saw them at a party once… She was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. It was disturbing!

And then there’s this, which is common, and while psychologically understandable, a really annoying mindset among many in the community:

I spoke with my friend today, and she actually told me that she doesn’t think it would be cheating if it was just sex with her brother. She said she has “sisterly love” for him, and wouldn’t ever want to marry him, but she would love to have sex with him. I just. I don’t know. It’s hard for me to understand this lol.

People jump pretty quickly into making comparisons between consanguinamory and things like sexual fetishes for plants. They don’t seem to understand the difference between consensual sex between two adult humans, and rubbing your genitals on a plant. It wasn’t intended maliciously, but it’s still pretty obnoxious.

The numbers from the poll are pretty close to what little data’s been collected, and I find them pretty plausible. You can see about 9% of the women responding say they’ve had some sort of sexual fantasy about their brother, though only a fraction of those have consummated it in any way. I couldn’t help but laugh when I first saw this, because it’s a nice little accidental study. The sample size is even pretty large.