17th Dec 2015

We Get Letters From Happy LTR Consanguinamorists

Full Marriage Equality received a comment from a long-term couple:

My sister (now age 59) and I (61) actually ended up together after she had an unexpected divorce and moved in with me. We had “experimented” together at a young age and stopped in the late teens. When she moved in, I had just planned a vacation driving up the California coast and she came along. As we drove, we stopped at beaches along the highway and many were clothing optional and we “did as the Romans.” It was at a nude beach just past Santa Cruz where we were watching a sunset when, on the spur of the moment, we kissed. That shock led to a very romantic interlude – that hasn’t stopped even after 12 years. Something that amazes us both is that the passion between us has not faded as did in our marriages.

I wonder how often this happens to people? Rekindling something as adults they had in high school. Once again, I think people underestimate how much consanguinamory actually happens.